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Dr. Margarita Vinnikov is actively seeking diligent, enthusiastic, and scientifically curious students to join the research group. The lab offers a variety of projects in interactive extended reality applications and serious game development. If you're passionate about XR, gaze-contingent displays, innovative navigation techniques, or head and body tracking for XR interaction, consider joining our diverse and well-equipped iXR lab.

Student Life

Prospective Students

Graduate projects are available in a range of areas, and Ph.D. positions are typically funded. We look for students with:

  • Strong academic records

  • Background in IT/Computer Science (VR, AR, 3D/Spatial User Interfaces, Game Design)

  • Excellent programming skills (C/C++, C#, Python)

  • Strong English language proficiency

Ph.D. applicants should also demonstrate quantitative analysis skills and prior research experience. Interested candidates should submit a CV, research statement, transcripts, and GRE/TOEFL/IELTS scores if available.

Current/Past Students

Independent Studies

Nicholas Abadiotakis: Multiplayer in VR, Fall 2021

Janae D. Anderson: Shrine Experiment phase, Fall 2021

Ethan G. Wang So: Medical Ontology, Fall 2020

Pranathi Pothukanuri: Medical Ontology, Fall 2020

Naitam V. Gandhi: Medical Ontology, Fall 2020

Harpartap Singh Sekhon (Mahi): Medical Ontology, Spring 2020

Shalini Das Chaudhuri: Shrine Experience, Spring 2020

Denise Cherdak: Driving Path Analysis, Spring 2020

Maria B. Ferdinand: Visual Attention and Distraction, Spring 2020

Gianncarlo Carrasco Perez: AR Location Visualization, Spring 2020

Nishanth Gona: Eye-Trackers in VR, Spring 2019

Sailaja Kuchibhatla: Eye-Trackers in VR, Spring 2019

Get in Touch

Want to learn more? Please reach out.

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