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Research Impact

My work has garnered attention in key academic journals, including the International Journal of
Human-Computer Studies and ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction.

Ongoing Projects and Collaborations

I continue to collaborate with colleagues across the globe, pushing the envelope in immersive technology research. My current projects delve deeper into the applications of VR and AR in educational settings and their potential to enhance professional training and simulation fidelity.

Connect and Collaborate

I welcome opportunities for collaboration and discussion. Whether you are a fellow researcher, a potential student, or an industry professional, feel free to reach out to explore synergies and contribute to this exciting field.

Interactive Cross-Reality (iXR) Lab Overview

At the iXR Lab, founded during my tenure at NJIT, we push the envelope in cross-modal user experiences within the XR domain. Our projects span from driving simulations and military mission planning to designing gaze-contingent displays for gaming and social interactions. We're also delving into the visualization of large datasets in virtual and augmented reality, investigating spatial displacement effects on navigation and learning, and crafting immersive, collaborative applications.

Notable Projects and Initiatives


VROOM (Virtual Reality Ontology Object Manipulation)

Exploring biomedical ontologies in 3D virtual spaces for intuitive interaction and navigation, aiming to revolutionize medical knowledge utilization.


Edicole Sacre of Rome and Shrines of Ironbound

Analyzing sacred space perception through spatial diffusion studies and virtual reality, leveraging gaze tracking technologies.


Education in Extended Reality

Employing XR to enhance educational tools and methods, particularly for students overcoming language and cultural barriers or affected by remote learning challenges.


Driving Simulator Research

Using simulators to understand driving behavior focuses on the interplay between human attention, locomotion, and technology-induced experiences like simulator sickness.


Forensic Science Project (ForensicXR)

Developing XR applications for crime scene processing, offering repeatable and consistent training and educational experiences in forensic investigation.



From gratifying mission planning in AR to eye-tracking frameworks in VR, my lab has collaborated across disciplines to create impactful solutions and publish influential research.

Future Research Directions

Continuing to innovate in XR technologies, I'm committed to creating hyper-realistic virtual worlds for applications in healthcare, education, and beyond. Interdisciplinary collaboration and the ethical use of XR technology remain paramount as we explore new sensory dimensions and cross-reality experiences.


Get in Touch

Want to learn more? Please reach out.

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