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Welcome to my professional portal

I am Dr. Margarita Vinnikov, an Assistant Professor at NJIT Department of Informatics. With a passion for technology and human interaction, my career has been a journey through virtual reality and immersive environments.

Education and
Early Career

My educational journey began with a solid foundation in technical and pedagogical disciplines. In 2006, I was proud to graduate with Honors from a unique dual-degree program, achieving a B.Sc. I specialize in computer science and have a B.Ed. with concentrations in computer science and mathematics. This period was about academic growth and applying my knowledge in practical settings, where I discovered a passion for teaching and technology. Embracing the educator's role, I spent several years at RealProgramming4Kids, where I taught young minds the art and science of developing computer games. This experience was deeply gratifying, allowing me to shape the early stages of what would become many promising journeys into computer science.

Building on my undergraduate experience, I pursued a Master's degree in Computer Science, which I completed in 2009. My thesis work made significant strides in the field of gaze-contingent real-time simulations, providing insights into visual impairments and the potential for adaptive technologies. The pinnacle of my academic achievements came in 2015, with a Ph.D. from York University, Toronto. My research in virtual reality and immersive displays, particularly in gaze-contingent multi-sensory environments, has been a cornerstone of my career. It was during this time that I developed innovative techniques for real-time body and gaze tracking under the tutelage of Dr. Robert S. Allison in the prestigious Virtual Reality and Perception Laboratory.

Each step in my educational path has been a building block, leading me to a career that merges the realms of education, research, and technology, with a constant drive to discover how these elements can come together to advance our interactions with the digital world.

Professional Journey

Before joining NJIT, I contributed to the National Research Council Canada as a Human Factors Research Officer, where my research impacted the fields of flight and driving simulation technologies. The experience honed my expertise in psychophysical research, particularly concerning visual and audio perception.

Current Focus

Today, my work is at the nexus of human factors and immersive technologies. I lead cutting-edge research in the realm of augmented, virtual, and mixed realities. My goal is to unravel how these technologies can enhance our understanding of human cognition and create new modalities for interaction within digital environments.

Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, I am committed to guiding the next generation of computer scientists and engineers. My teaching philosophy is rooted in fostering innovation, critical thinking, and a hands-on approach that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow.

I invite you to explore my site, learn about my research endeavors, and perhaps find inspiration in immersive technologies’ potential for our future.

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